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Job Seeker Advice & FAQs

How do agencies work? 

A professional agency will take the time to build a relationship with you, by initially meeting with you to discuss your career needs and CV. If you do not have a CV that is finalised, a good agency will assist you with preparing this, or provide lots of helpful advice to help you prepare your own if you wish. Upon receiving your information, and with the guidance of a recruiter you will then review the available roles and following your consent your recruiter will apply on your behalf to the companies you have selected. Following on from this the client may wish to interview you and if so the recruiter will organise the interviews directly with yourself and the client and if successful the recruiter will present you with employment offers for you to consider and then help you with the decision process. Upon accepting or declining the agency will inform the client. Working with an agency is expected to be a pleasant experience. If you find yourself in a situation where you are not happy, whilst seeking employment, then you have chosen the wrong agency to represent you.

Looking for a new job can be a happy and exciting experience if you select a respected and professional recruitment agency with recruitment specialists who are committed and dedicated to taking care of their customers’ needs, and who will go the extra mile to build relationships and feel a sense of responsibility for all candidates.

Why choose us?

Every year we help thousands of candidates take the next step on their career paths. We appreciate that for some it can be quite a stressful experience, so by selecting recruiters with the right guidance and support is detrimental to an easy and successful job search. By choosing to work with us you can be sure that you will receive:

  • Professional recruitment specialists who will treat your enquiry as confidential, listen and present you with the best job opportunities meeting all of your skills or matching the criteria that you have chosen;
  • Industry experts who will connect you with a variety of prospect and respected employers;
  • Skilled recruiters who will polish your job applications making you very attractive within the market;
  • A range of free resources such as career coaching, interview coaching, career advice, negotiation.

Next steps:

Arrange a free consultation. There are several options available to do with our user friendly icons, you can arrange an appointment that suits you, submit your registration and c.v., send an email enquiry, use our live chat, call our office or pop by with your CV and if a consultant is available they will take that opportunity to have a chat with you.

Candidate FAQs

Q.  When I send my CV to an agency will it be sent out to clients without my consent?
A.  No, No, No, if you register with a professional agency that has professional recruiters and strict policies and procedures, than your CV will only be sent with your full consent;

Q.  As a candidate will I need to pay for your services?
A.  Our services are completely free;

Q.  Do employers take over current study costs? 

A.  If the qualification that you have completed relates to the role that you are applying for then ‘YES’ most employers will support and cover existing and past study costs, and continue to support professional development;

Q.  How do I present my CV to employers? 
A.  Click here for 10 top recruiter tips on writing a CV

Q.  How do you write a personal profile/statement?
A.  Click here for a personal profile guideline

Q.  I know you will prepare a CV for me, however I'd like to create my own.  So you have examples?
A.  Click here for CV typing guidelines

Q.  What if a client asks me to undertake an assessment, or test before offering me the job?
A.  Pre-employment tests are becoming increasingly common. There are a range of tests/assessments that clients may ask for you to undertake.  You have nothing to worry about, and it may be reassuring to know that lots of candidates undertake assessments frequently.

Feel free to send the team any questions you have about job searching and recruitment.  Our contact details are available here