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Temp Advice & Resources

Itchyfeet Recruitment Agency has been placing temps for over a decade within a wide range of skilled temporary jobs. Our busy temp team have short and long term assignments to fill on a daily basis, within a vast range of private and public service roles.

By signing up with our temp team you will have an extensive portfolio of opportunities that fit your skill set made available to you.

Why Temp?
Temping offers lots of flexibility and it is a great opportunity if you looking to earn some money whilst on University holidays, or looking to temp whilst searching for permanent employment.  Lots of candidates often find themselves in permanent contracts with the companies they have temped with. Our friendly team of consultants will be happy to have a chat with you, to establish if temping is the right direction for you to take.

Temp FAQ
What is the difference between temporary and contract?
A.  The difference is temping may be short term and contract is for long term i.e. 3 months +. Also as the temporary worker you will be paid by the agency, whereas contractors are mostly paid by the employer/client. 

Q.  If I am a temp do I get paid on a monthly or weekly basis?
A.  Weekly, unless you request otherwise.