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Working in Guernsey

Working in Guernsey (Non-locals)

To qualify to live in Guernsey you must be British citizen or National of the European Economic Area (EEA). That is EU nationals plus nationals of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway; a Swiss national; right of abode in the UK through marriage of other means; commonwealth citizen who would be entitled to a right of abode in the UK.  If the above does not apply to you, then you will need to obtain permission to enter/stay in Guernsey by obtaining a visa through the immigration office.

Nationals of other countries require permission to enter and/or stay in Guernsey.

The Housing Control Law divides Guernsey's housing into two tiers, known as the Open Market and the Local Market. The law then controls who can live in all Local Market housing and it also controls who can live in some types of Open Market housing.  

Local Market Accommodation

  • Available to qualified residents be it those locally born or those who have been continually working and living in Guernsey for the required amount of years;
  • Available to those whose presence on the island is permitted because of the "essential" nature of their work. Such licenses are limited in time and generally given to specialists in the finance sector, doctors, teachers and other professionals who cannot be recruited locally and these licenses generally range between 1 – 15 years (depending on a number of factors).

Open Market Accommodation

  • Anyone can occupy Open Market 'Part A' Private House(s) & Apartment(s);
  • Available to non qualified residents, typically those who are unable to live on a Local Market license (depending on their circumstances);
  • As a general view, Open Market Accommodation is considered more expensive than Local Market Accommodation.

Please note that the rules pertaining to living and working in Guernsey are quite complex and do change from time to time. The above information is just a brief overview and should be treated as a guide only.

Make sure you also have a good look through and as these are dedicated websites with lots of great information.

For further information you should contact the States of Guernsey on 01481 715790, or click here and visit their website.